Blackdiamond Oceanblue Rubin Crystal  
One urn Blackdiamond 1 Urne Oceanblue 1 Urne Rubin 1 Urne Crystal 1 Urne

The urn column is available in four granites. The surface can be polished or sandblasted. Other materials or surfaces on request.



Two urns Blackdiamond 2 Urnen Oceanblue 2 Urnen Rubin 2 Urnen Crystal 2 Urnen
Three urns Blackdiamond 3 Urnen Oceanblue 3 Urnen Rubin 3 Urnen Crystal 3 Urnen
Four urns Blackdiamond 4 Urnen Oceanblue 4 Urnen Rubin 4 Urnen Crystal 4 Urnen