Grabult - the company

Grabkult created this modern burial system in 2006. The idea is an urn column made of high quality materials, based on traditional principles – timeless and dignified. The urn column consists of individual modules which together form a memorial. The casket or ornamental urn is placed inside the urn column. Each individual module is screwed to each other. This allows the extension or upgrade of the urn column as desired. Based on our experience we recommend a maximum of four modules per urn column. On the surface of the individual modules of the urn column an engraving or a fixing for a picture, an ornament, a flower vase or a candle holder can be provided and these can be individually designed.

The urn column designed by Grabkult is protected by patent

2009 Austrian patent 505972

2011 EU. Patent 2194215

2011 US. Patent 7987564

2015 CAN. Patent 2686647


The advantages:

  • Memorial and casket in one

  • Minimal space requirement

  • Timeless design

  • Numerous styles of design

  • Weatherproof

  • Low maintenance

  • Extendable

  • Low initial costs

  • Easy to integrate with existing graves

  • Special foundation for biodegradable urns